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Advertising machine is made up of those parts.

Good quality Touch Screen Kiosk for sales
Good quality Touch Screen Kiosk for sales
Customers Reviews
We've took 5 containers 55inch towers, all work well up to now, Ellen really helped us a lot, we plan to order 2 contianers again and more cooperations will come in 2022!

—— Anja from USA

3000pc 23.6inch Android 9.0 elevator screen with face recognition camera and 4G, my own software run well on it. Really appreciated for the good price and high quality BOE 2K original panel, fast delivery time, thanks Ellen, I always trust you!

—— G from Singapore

360 photo booth quality is good, with real gear rotation system, shooting pole can stop very steadily, I'd like to take more soon

—— Emil from Chile

Fast Production for 150pc 55inch tower, thank you Ellen, I always buy screen from you, will bring more containers order to you.

—— Mike from USA

Although my 32inch totem has 3 parts with a total height of 3000mm, the waterproof is good, also very good stability, the same good quality for the light box, good design for dual screen, I like them so much, I need 500pc in total.

—— T from Belgium

650pc BOE and LG LCD video wall work well, good packing and fast delivery time by five containers, I will order more, thanks Ellen!

—— Darwas from Indonesia

600pc 10.1inch headrest taxi screen installed already, all works very well, customer like them so much, thanks for your NOM certificate, it really help us a lot!

—— Juan from Mexico

Thanks for the RCM certificate and CE certificate. 100pc 24inch desktop self pay kiosk works very well near my vending machine, well done Jacc, thank you so much

—— Marco from Australia

32inch self service ordering machine help me a lot, I have 200 restaurants need them in total, Mercedes team upgraded it by adding a piece of metal cover to protect electronic parts at their own cost, and also add meal ordering pager holders on side, that's very helpful, thank you, more orders will come

—— Bonnie from France

2K 15.6inch and 43inch AIO works very well, also 21.5inch outdoor screen touch screen is fast and fantastic, will order more Jan., 2021

—— Timmy from USA

65inch whiteboard well received, has both android and OPS, very good quality at such good price, I surely will order more, thank you

—— Carlos from Peru

4KG Video wall menu board for my restaurant looks good, cheap price, high definition resolution, narrow bezel, thanks a lot for your solution.

—— Ja from Moldova

55inch tower with wireless charging pad looks great, with GFCI break inside for safety, thanks for your design, more container will come for sure

—— So from Canada

32inch double-sided touchscreen self service machine works well, stand steadly, also can be fixed on the floor, surely will get more

—— Roy - from USA

MK3S IR thermometer help a lot, price is so good, the multi language voice broadcast is what I need, thank you Ellen!

—— Manuel from Japan

10pc 55" outdoor stand works well, impossible at such low price, even ready in stock, fast speed, well done Mercedes!

—— Mr. Georges from USA

Got 24.6" shelf edge stretched display, BOE panel, connect with my own player box, I like them, very good, thank you.

—— Jon from France

49inch touch screen kiosk with printer, camera and microphone works fine, our softwars runs well, thank you.

—— Mr Tobby from France

65inch PCAP touch kiosk and IR touch kiosk with face recognition camera working very well in airport, would like to order 40pc indoor and outdoor 65inch and 75inch kiosk with logitec camera, price accepted by boss, pls send me PI, thanks

—— Sam from UK

75inch LCD stretched totem works very well, it shows full screen displaying when I put 10pc together one by one, thank you Mercedes

—— Wasi from Dubai

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Company News
Advertising machine is made up of those parts.
Advertising machine is made up of those parts.

First we start from components of the product, in view of our advertising machine products, the first thing we need to know

also need to know a problem. Advertising machine is made up of those parts.

Advertising machine is mainly composed of liquid crystal screen, driver version, decoder board, power supply. In the

classification of the advertising machine, according to the feature points are mainly online advertising machine and stand-alone version advertising machine. Online and stand-alone advertising machine difference between their decoding board, online advertising machine by installing different

network software system, using the Internet publishing system operation, with streaming media technology content such

as video, audio, image transmission through the network platform to display terminal advertising machine, the advantages

of convenient for centralized control, unified management.

I think in the current market price differences between advertising machine products are mainly three points:

1, the LCD panel prices. Domestic nature is much more expensive than the small screen, and new and second-hand LCD screen water drops in the price a few hundred dollars, this is what we see when buying products, must be used

in the product after a period of time to understand. Material on the LED screen brightness is higher than that of the LCD,

display effect is good, price is expensive.

 2, the difference of the system software. Online ads confidential than stand-alone machine is expensive, among them, the system determines the differences between the use function of online

advertising machine, there is a difference between android and DMB system software.

3, the application function of strong or not. General advertising machine features a single, only to meet the demand of

product screening is much cheaper. Especially in today's technology with each passing day, with the diversification of

demand, the same, on the functional requirements for advertising machine also become diversified. There are appropriate

bank advertising machine and requirements applicable to shopping malls, government buildings. Structure shape, the

"internal strength" is the key! Multi-point touch screen, 3 d glasses in recent years, such as virtual dressing technology from time to time, let's find everything

new and fresh. That, of course, is to build on the basis of advertising machine price.

If you are intested in our product, pls feel free to contact us at any time !

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