ad lcd MAD-420E-Crazy promotion On September

September 4, 2013

Latest company news about ad lcd MAD-420E-Crazy promotion On September


As recently as late August, MAD-420E Sales have mashed all record for the first half of the year,which up to 582pcs.One of clients from England ordered 300pcs MAD-420E for their local cinema. Now our company prepared 800pcs in stock, we are expecting to make a record sales on September.In order to enlarge more sales in the market,our company continue decide to adopt promotional method for MAD-420E.About product price,please contact our salesman .

     This kind product are currently widely used for Public place,such as Chains, Supermarket, Hotel, Restaurant,University,Hospital,Airport,Metro station,Cinema etc.Our most client purchase our product to publish newest advertisement information about their product,besides,it has a very positive role in promoting their product and the enterprise image.Now more and more chain retails shop use this kind machine to enhance their influence

Why MAD-420E are so popular in the market at present?

As you known, advertising display play an increasingly important role in commercial business. more and more company make full use of their advertisements to enlarge product market and visibility. while traditional"paid" media – such as television commercials and print advertisements – still play a major role, companies today can exploit many alternative forms of media. However,  video-based advertisements are extremely capturing consumers' attention from the marketing perspective.besides, more and more businessman realize that proper marketing strategies should be made for some specific consumer segmentations with potential purchase-motivation to buy their product. So more an more people feel it will be more efficient for selling your product if we adopt point-to-point advertisements propaganda with much better effect. As a new indoor advertising media device, So MAD-420E are welcome to the public