Slow Motion 360 Degree Selfie Photo Booth Vending Machine

November 17, 2021

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In the past two years, worldwide economy has been affected a lot by the Covid 19, and many governments restrict the flow of people, no party, no celeration, no team building etc, people's life has been affected a lot, you can only share your life on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Istagram. Now we have the photo booth which can help to take a very professional video and photos by yourself.


The slow motion 360 degree photo booth has 1 meter diameter and metal base platform which is steady enough to accomdate 2-4 people, the motion system is with gear and has a long life time, but our price is so competitive with so high level quality.


The motor can rotate clockwisely or counterclockwisely, it can rotate speed and slow down, all can be controlled by a palm size remote controller, everything is under your own control. It has smart phone bracket to clip your smart phone tightly, no need to worry it will fall down, and each time the rotation metal pole stop very steadily, so the video it help took won't have a shakeful ending.


The filling light circle is also in good quality, it has cold and ware light for you to choose with the controller, and the installation angle can be adjusted as you want.


It has LED strip around the platform to make it more flash and eyes-catching, also it has several colors and flashing types on choose.


Besides, we have spare parts on sale, you can take more together with the photo booth.


For packing, standard method is packed in one wooden box, and also we have flight case available at higher cost, but price is still competitive enough.


In the package, you also can have a free of charge logo sticker, and we can also help to print your own design logo sticker, for sure, you can print them locally as well.


Standing the platform, you're your own super star and can show yourself as well as you want to your friends.


Delivery time is 7 working days.


Here is the video of it on Youtube:


Feel free to contact us for a quotation, thank you. :-)